Vietnam has witnessed rapid changes in construction works and infrastructure over the past 10 years. In the context of significant increase in demand for construction materials, VCCBM Global was established, in order to offer high quality products and services with international standards.

10-years experience in Vietnamese cement commercialization

On the world “cement” map, Vietnam is a country with internal strength and great potential, both in terms of cement consumption and export. Vietnam currently ranks 5th in the world in terms of cement production capacity, and is the world's largest cement exporter with more than 30 million tons / year. However, this output comes from more than 50 manufacturers, showing that the concentration of production enterprises is still relatively low.

An urgent need for large enterprises with strong production capacity, aiming to reduce manufacturing expenses, lower product costs, ensure cement quality, and at the same time, be able to invest in new and modern technologies that help increasing productivity while aiming at environmental protection and sustainable development. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, supplying and exporting cement in Vietnam in particular and internationally in general, VCCBM Global has learnt to exploit its existing advantages, to invest on expanding production scale, aiming to become a leading company in the field of construction materials supply in Vietnam. Basing on our own asset which is the clearly understand of product, the experiences in manufacturing and trading, VCCBM Global confidently became the most reliable partner with customer. Providing our customer and partnership high quality products and services is the top criteria of the whole company

Multi-sector organization in cement manufacturing and exporting

The continuous development of trading activities in the world in general and Vietnam in particular has encouraged the establishment of VCCBM Global trading joint stock company.

We are ceaselessly striving to develop our strengths, as well as opening up new businesses to diversify products and services. Our business areas include: Export cement, clinker; Import thermal coal, gypsum, material in cement production; Manufacture cement; and other financial investment activities. All of the above-mentioned products and services have formed a combination of construction products, in order to meet the maximum needs of customers, while providing a the most perfect sales service.

To be proactive in the production and distribution of cement products while ensuring highest quality, VCCBM Global is cooperating with a cement factory which is in Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province to produce blast furnace slag cement using Japanese technology and standard. This product line is offering various applications for both general and special purposes due to its low heat exothermic, durability in sulphate and seawater. This new cement formula has great potential in both domestic and export.

Vision to become the leading company in import-export trading major

With valuable experience accumulated in the past, along with a strong dream of becoming the number one company in Vietnam in the field of import and export construction materials, VCCBM Global has constantly strived to achieve strong and steady development steps.

Accompanying with the expansion of production scale, VCCBM Global has always focused on the values towards sustainable development. Our products are always environmentally friendly, highly applicable with exceeded quality. This is clearly demonstrated through the mission that VCCBM Global has always pursued: Providing products and services with outstanding quality according to global standards.

Becoming the leader is always a ceaseless process of effort, and VCCBM Global is taking the first steps with our precious experienced employees who are always dedicated to the ultimate common goal.