Limestone quarry has CaO content, from 52% - 54%, MgO content <2%, tested and accepted by reputable steel manufacturers in the region, with large production capacity, warehouse area-wide yards.

Size: 40-80mm

CaO: >90%

Mine reserve > 19.4 million tons

Exploiting term> 30 years

Limestone and Limestone powder has played a very important role in both constructing and architecture. In Vietnam, VCCBM is one of the most trusted company in exploiting and exporting limestone materials.

Limestone, Limestone powder and Filler Masterbatch

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, made up mostly from minerals calcite and aragonite. It is mainly composed of the skeletal fragments of a number of marine organisms like mollusks, corals, and forams, and about 10% of sedimentary rocks are limestone. Limestone can either be categorized as ‘soft’ or ‘hard’. As a building material, it is both abundant and versatile and has been used globally, but especially in Europe and the US.

Limestone powder (LS) is one of the mineral materials in concrete due to its wide availability and low cost. Limestone powder finds its application in various industries including agriculture, paper, plastic, paint, rubber, and construction… Available in varied weight sizes, VCCBM is providing high-quality limestone powder at the best price in the industry.

Calcium carbonate filler (CaCO3 filler, also known as calcium carbonate masterbatch) has always been the most commonly used filler in the plastic industry and their position has never declined during the years despite the processing and modifying technologies have been researched and applied more and moreover years.

VCCBM – A trusted name in exploiting and exporting limestone materials.

Established thanks to the essential need of the market, VCCBM has more than 10-year experience in the field of manufacturing, supplying, and exporting construction materials in Vietnam in particular and internationally in general. VCCBM has invested tremendously in human, technology, and state-of-the-art equipment. We understand that mastering modern technology and maintaining a great quality of the products is the key to our sustainable success.

Accompanying with the growth of the Vietnamese market in the past 10 years, we have leveraged the existing advantages and reputation of VCCBM to expand the scale while ensuring the finest quality of the products and services. Vietnam has shown great potential in consuming construction materials, and Minh Hanh is one of the biggest regional manufacturers that have close connections with international partners. The solid partnerships all over the world have helped us to draw immense FDI as well as extensive technology from global manufacturers. Our experience, background, and facility are the main factors that help us to become a trusted manufacturer in Vietnam and a credible global partner.

Eco-system of construction materials

With the advantages of a local manufacturer in a fast-growing market like Vietnam, VCCBM is focusing on various industries and products. Our vision is building an eco-system of construction materials supplies to fulfill all of the customers’ needs. By improving products’ quality, innovating technology, and investing in R&D projects, we optimistically believe in positive growth in the near future.

Building materials production is a unique industry, using non-renewable natural materials - mainly limestone and releasing a large amount of CO2 into the environment. This poses a difficult problem for sustainable development, and VCCBM has researched and strived to maintain sustainable development while preserving the environment.

We are ceaselessly striving to develop our strengths, as well as opening up new businesses to diversify products and services. Our business areas include Export cement, clinker; Import thermal coal, gypsum, material in cement production; Manufacture cement; and other financial investment activities. All of the above-mentioned products and services have formed a combination of construction products, in order to meet the maximum needs of customers, while providing the most perfect sales service.

We are putting our maximum effort into building a name that all of our customers could rely on.